on the web

A selection of favourite web pages, stories and links; places to go for ideas and inspiration, to make you think – or just to make you laugh.

Lonely Planet Seize the Days Fun, inspired ways to make your free time fabulous. Sign up to their newsletter and discover what to do, where to go and how to really make the most of your time off.
Le Cool A eclectic and eccentric travel guide with a weekly e-newsletter – check it out.

Innocent They make smoothies (they are tasty) and they have a great newsletter and fresh outlook on the world.

Get to know Jasper Fforde author with a different perspective of the literary world. Fascinating.

The National Trust No longer stuffy old people in tweed telling you off for touching things. The National Trust is ‘for ever, for everyone’ from great cream teas to a fantastic website and  truly inspirational work to protect the UKs heritage. Visit a National Trust site and get inspired.

UTube The wealth of interesting and not so interesting footage on UTube is incredible – spend some time finding some gems.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day Avast me hearties – Haul yourself onboard land lovers and see what treasures ye find

Innophoria is a game that aims to help social organisations all over the world become more innovative. Its a creation involving the most creative minds in the sector – yours!


2 responses to “on the web

  1. Greetings and good tidings Lucy

    Superb! You are covering a wide range of abstract and concrete constructs. Your passions cover many areas of concern with a view of inspired creativity, humanity and topical integration. You have a sense of the potential for opportunity. Quite keen.

    Funny how no matter the times Dicken’s splendid opening holds true throughout the course of events. No algebra may measure the best or worst of times. Sorry,quantun theory applies here too.

    Wonderful ideas and work

    Dream…then go do great things


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