All about me

I have been a fundraiser for over 10 years for a range of organizations and causes. I have been a lone fundraising, communications and marketing function in a small organization to part of specialist fundraising teams in larger organizations. I have raised money from many including Trusts, individuals, Statutory, Corporate, Community and events.

From 2007-09 I was Fundraising Innovation Manager at the NSPCC, responsible for putting a fundraising innovation strategy in place to support fundraisers to be more creative in their approach and delivery of fundraising. I coached and inspired teams and individuals to actively learn from others, share successes and failures, spot opportunities and act on them, seek fresh perspectives and approaches and challenge current ways of working.

I’m passionate about innovation and how it can transform organizations and individuals performance, and really contribute to making a difference. I am now an independent trainer and consultant specializing in fundraising and innovation working with a range of organisations to help them work more effectively and raise more money.

Sir Ken Robinson said something that struck a chord at a recent TED conference; he said ‘For those who enjoy what they do, that isn’t what they “do” – it’s what they are.’

And that’s what I am, a believer in seeking out inspiration, learning from others, making the most of the opportunities that our curious world presents, seeking fresh perspectives, being brave to try new experiences and taking a lighthearted view on life. And hope that in some way I can make a difference…

So I’ve set up a blog, to capture some of my thoughts, experiences and curious observations of life. They are my opinions and do not represent the organizations I work for. I want you to read, laugh, share and enjoy. Most of all I want you to leave inspired to act differently. Don’t just think about what you can do to make a difference. Actually do it.

Join me, share with friends and colleagues and tell me what you think……….


15 responses to “All about me

  1. Well done – its brilliant – love the pages, content and writing style! Have linked you on my blog roll..

  2. Well said on “All About Me “Lucy. A total joy to read!

  3. I like your website, you are making a difference and that is very inspiring. In honor, I have added a link to your site from my blog site.
    Keep on posting. Your words are encouraging.

  4. Loving this Lucy – you are an inspiration!

  5. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your site. Would you mind emailing me back @


  6. Check out our project at and keep in touch. Robert

  7. I like the chord you quote here Lucy- it is what you are , a believer

  8. lovely stuff Lucy. Don’t ever stop! So good of you to share your knowledge, ideas and inspiration. It’s infectious!

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